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Application of Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide

Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is colorless or light yellow transparent liquid.Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is soluble in water and polar organic solvents, but slightly soluble in non-polar organic solvents.This product is also called Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide. Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is compatible with anionic, nonionic and cationic surfactants and at lower pH values it gains conditioning effects.

Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide becomes a cationic in acid medium, while in neutral or alkaline medium for nonionic. Besides the general surface activity agent performance, Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide also has excellent properties of solubilization, thickening, emulsification, foaming, moisturizing and antistatic. Dodecyl Dimethyl Amine Oxide has good compatibility with human skin. Its biological toxicity is small with easy biodegradation. In addition, there was a bactericidal performance and mould proof effect.Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is mainly used in tableware detergent and industrial liquid bleach, having increased instability dip effect. In addition , Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide can improve the compatibility of thickening agent and overall stability of the product. When used in shampoo, liquid detergent and bubble bath , it acts as foam promoter, conditioner, thickener and antistatic agent. Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is also the raw material of synthesis of amphoteric surfactants .Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide is a special type of surface active agent.

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