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Application of Dodecyl Dimethyl Betaine

Dodecyl Dimethyl Betaine is also called Laruyl Betaine, BS-12 or Betaine. Amphoteric Surfactant.Amphoteric surfactants have dual functional groups (both acidic and basic groups) in the same molecule. They are polar solvents that have a high solubility in water but a poor solubility in most organic solvents. They are electrically neutral but carries positive and negative charges on different atoms in an aqueous solution. Depending on the composition and conditions of PH value, the substances can have anionic or cationic properties.

BS-12 is an amphoteric surfactant, having good performances of cleaning, softening, antistatic, foaming, wetting, and stability to acid and alkali. It has low irritation to skin and eye, and has good hand feeling, easy to biodegrade, good resistance to hard water and delayed corrosion. Compounded with anionic surfactants, it will generate rich and fine foam, meanwhile, it will reduce the irritation of anionic surfactants, soften hair, make hair easier to comb, and increase viscosity of solution.

Dodecyl Dimethyl Betaine has excellent calcium soap dispersing power, so it can be used in soap to improve its resistance to hard water. The applicative fields include confection of shampoo, bubble bath, children’s bath cleaner, softener of textile, anti-static agent, wool milling agent, bactericide agent and disinfector, corrosion inhibitor of metal, emulsifier, and gelatin emulsifier of rubber industry, etc.In biochemistry, Laruyl Betaine is used as a detergent for purifying, cleansing and antimicrobial effects.If you want to know more, please focus on Nanjing Chizhen Chemical Plant CO., Ltd, which will bring you marvelous products.